Al Ansari Exchange partners with Ripple

Al Ansari Exchange has become a partner of Ripple, which is important for promoting Ripple in the world. Ripple is actively gaining momentum in different countries. Ripple helps residents of many countries to transfer money easier and more efficiently, as well as cheaper than using a traditional system. Ripple shows that blockchain is really capable of helping people, and is also not as complex as it might seem. The doubts about the crypto industry are connected only with news ducks and the desire of certain dishonest personalities to slip through the hype, without having any reason for their strange statements. For example, recently the head of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse denied and proved the untrue words of Mike Novogratz regarding the future value of XRP. Many events show that Ripple really trust, given the facts. So, the leading UAE exchange Al Ansari Exchange has become a partner of Ripple.

Ripple 10 - Al Ansari Exchange partners with Ripple

Al Ansari Exchange partnered with Ripple: Details

UAE’s leading exchange Al Ansari Exchange has become a Ripple partner and a member of RippleNet. It is worth noting that Al Ansari Exchange processes about 30% of external money transfers from the UAE. This is the company with the largest branch network in the UAE. Al Ansari Exchange was created primarily to meet the needs of its trading partners and customers in foreign currency and money transfers at a time when the country did not yet have official banking services. However, Al Ansari Exchange did not stop there, tuning in to innovation.

Partnership with Ripple is proof of this. The exact time of the partnership with Ripple is not known, but it is obvious that this was recently. Kapil Arora, Head of Innovation Banking Projects at Al Ansari Exchange, made a statement pointing out some of the clear advantages Ripple offers. In addition to expediting remittances, Ripple offers access to other members of RippleNet.

Thus, when a company joins RippleNet, it can form new relationships and gain access to new corridors. Moreover, as the representative of Al Ansari Exchange emphasized, this can be done with a single API connection, rather than individually connecting and negotiating with each company without RippleNet. According to Al Ansari Exchange, a partnership with Ripple is a significant step for the future of the exchange and its customers.

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