Binance May Experience Ripple ODL: New Rumors

Binance may experience Ripple ODL, according to some representatives of the crypto community. Rumors that Binance can use Ripple technology have been circulating for more than a day. It is now known for certain that Binance has a positive outlook on the Ripple XRP digital asset. In particular, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao previously defended the Ripple XRP, emphasizing that he could not relate to securities. Binance also adds new trading pairs with Ripple XRP on its platform with national currencies of different countries. For example, with the Russian ruble or the Croatian kuna. On the other hand, regarding the use of another Ripple project, namely, liquidity on demand, that is, ODL, while there is only talk going on. According to new rumors, Binance.US may experience Ripple ODL streams, sending XRP to Mexico and Japan.

ripple 19 - Binance May Experience Ripple ODL: New Rumors

Binance May Experience Ripple ODL: Rumor Details

Binance can experience the Ripple ODL in terms of flows, sending XRP to Mexico and Japan. Official confirmation of the use of Ripple ODL from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is not yet available. However, the hearing itself may have some basis. Binance and Ripple are two companies that have been actively expanding recently. In September 2019, Binance banned all U.S. users from trading on their platform. Instead, a North American branch called Binance.US was created. Ripple and its partner MoneyGram are actively increasing the number of corridors to send XRP using the Ripple ODL.

There are already several well-functioning corridors, but now there is a chance that Binance.US is testing two more. This is another corridor to Mexico and brand new to Japan. It’s still hard to call it Binance pilot payments on the Ripple ODL. The assumption itself was made by well-known investor Eric Dadun. According to the expert, it is too early to say that the Binance Ripple ODL is fully used, but the development of the partnership between Ripple and Binance is quite obvious.

The fact is that both companies are striving to expand the cryptography market. Also, Twitter user @tenitoshi, who often publishes some information about Ripple and XRP, added a post about probable payments to Binance.US using Ripple ODL. The first is between Binance.US and the Mexican crypto exchange Bitso (which is also a partner of Ripple and MoneyGram, it trades XRP paired with Mexican pesos). The second is between Binance.US and the Japanese Bitbank (trading XRP against JPN).

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