Coinone Transfer Expands Borderless Payments with Ripple to 12 Corridors

The South Korean crypto platform Coinone Transfer spoke about the success of cooperation with Ripple.

Ripple Coinone - Coinone Transfer Expands Borderless Payments with Ripple to 12 Corridors

Coinone Transfer Expands Ripple Borderless Payments to 12 Corridors: Details

Coinone Transfer, a subsidiary of South Korean crypto exchange platform Coinone, said it is reaping the benefits of its partnership with Ripple. The retail money transfer service has expanded Ripple borderless payments to 12 corridors. In a customer video, Camille Jon, Coinone Transfer’s business development manager, said the company’s collaboration with Ripple helped its service grow from two corridors to 12 corridors in just a year. The first corridors were the Philippines and Thailand. Now there are already more than 12 corridors. Currently, there is a significant rise.

In the year following the launch of Coinone Transfer’s partnership with Ripple, the average monthly growth rate was over 50%. A Coinone Transfer representative also emphasized that when working with RippleNet partners, integration is very easy, and there is also the opportunity to reduce operating costs. Thanks to Ripple, Coinone Transfer can use a unified format for requesting money transfers to easily communicate with other partners.

It was previously known that the Ripple XRP will pair with the dollar at Binance.US.

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