Crypto companies Bitfury, Coinbase, Ripple included in the Forbes 50 blockchain

The cryptocurrency companies Bitfury, Coinbase and Ripple were included in the Forbes list ‘among the 50 leading global organizations. They are actively exploring blockchain for the second year in a row.

Forbes Blockchain 50 Report - Crypto companies Bitfury, Coinbase, Ripple included in the Forbes 50 blockchain

Forbes Blockchain 50 Report

The new Forbes feature list, entitled Blockchain 50, was published on February 19 and is the second annual report of its kind in a financial magazine.

The global enterprises on the list represent companies that actively integrate blockchain-based technologies and in their operations research niche technologies through industry consortia and other proprietary projects.

To qualify for this list, companies must have a minimum annual income of $ 1 billion or have an equivalent of $ 1 billion or more. They should also use the blockchain to “speed up business processes, increase transparency, and potentially save billions of dollars.”

Many of the corporations on the list are well-known names – Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Samsung and Walmart – and many others.

However, only three cryptocurrency startups of their own met the high level set as a criterion for inclusion in the list. They were also recognized as the so-called “blue chips” of the digital age.


Amsterdam-based Bitfury is a full-service technology company that manufactures equipment used for cryptocurrency mining. It develops and delivers innovative hardware and software solutions for various private and public entities.

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