New Ripple Head Interview on CNN: Expectations

A new Ripple head interview on CNN may be soon enough. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse often gives interviews on various channels and in various publications. The head of Ripple talks about the promotion of the company’s projects, plans for the future, as well as the blockchain and its trends in general. Now, host Julia Chatterly on Twitter has announced a new interview with the head of Ripple on CNN, suggesting in the comments suggest topics for discussion and indicate expectations.

Brad Garlinghouse - New Ripple Head Interview on CNN: Expectations

New CNN Ripple Head Interview: Details

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on CNN will give a new interview soon, as hostess Julia Chatterly announced on Twitter, suggesting in the comments indicate what users expect answers from the company’s CEO. The exact date of the interview is not yet known. Twitter users took the offer in a positive tone, and various questions appeared in the comments. It is likely that some of them will be heard during an interview with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on CNN, so it’s worth knowing what it is. First of all, users were interested in whether, in 2020, the 20 largest banks in the world would trade in the Ripple XRP digital asset.

Earlier, a hint of this sounded in one of Brad Garlinghouse’s statements, but there was no specific indication of the Ripple XRP. Now users want this point to be clarified. In this regard, it is worth noting that recently 40 licensed banks in Germany have applied for a storage license including Ripple XRP, according to the adopted fifth EU directive. A complete list of banks is not indicated, but it is likely that among them are the largest banks in the world. Therefore, this is already a pre-reference to the answer to the question. Also in the comments was a question for Brad Garlinghouse, what companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Google and Amazon think of Ripple XRP. Another question was asked about how many Ripple will open payment corridors before 2021.

Interested in consumers and the statement of the CEO of Ripple regarding the IPO. One user asked how an IPO would affect Ripple, XRP and Ripple XRP. Equally important is the indirect cooperation of Ripple with other companies. So, in the comments there was a question of how Ripple can cooperate with Brinks, which recently invested in MoneyGram.

Another question was: is it planned to encourage RippleNet partners to launch their own XRP validators. Users continue to offer discussion topics in an interview with CNN’s Ripple CEO. It is not known exactly which of these will appear directly in the interview, but it is clear that the Ripple CEO will definitely touch on important topics.

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