New Uphold card allows you to pay with Ripple XRP and gold

Uphold Digital Payment Platform Announces New Debit Multi-Card. Users can now pay with cryptocurrencies, goods, and regular money. Including payment and in Ripple XRP.

Uphold card Ripple XRP - New Uphold card allows you to pay with Ripple XRP and gold

The new Uphold multi-card debit card allows U.S. users to settle Uphold assets with Mastercard.

You can use a debit card anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

Soon, users can get a card that will support up to 24 cryptocurrencies and four types of metals. In this case, you can use Ripple XRP, gold and US dollars as a unit of account.

Uphold is a digital asset platform. Users can buy, sell, spend and store digital assets. Including you can use optional currencies and goods.

Uphold is the first to consolidate the debit asset world

The Uphold Combined Asset Debit Card is the first of its kind. It allows users to instantly convert various goods, crypto assets and paper currency into cash.

“Using an application with a connected debit card, you can instantly spend cryptocurrency, gold, palladium, silver or dollars. And you can buy them anything, anywhere, and anytime. This happens in real time 24 hours a day, ”said a Uphold spokesman.”

Platform Product Support

The use of digital assets is understandable. But one wonders how the purchase, sale and transportation of gold occurs. After all, it is not digital and somewhat difficult to use.

“We have a partner with whom our users can order physical delivery of gold to their homes,” the representative explained.”

She noted that each asset in the Uphold user account has its own wallet. Thus, users themselves decide which asset they would like to spend and on what.

“Many may think that you must come with a bag and get physical gold into it. Everything is much simpler. It’s just that the user has the freedom to choose which asset he wants to spend. Ordinary cards do not provide such an opportunity, and have a number of limitations.”

Such a simple way is a significant breakthrough in the creation of crypto-functionality and versatility.

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