Ripple Achieves More: Prediction for XRP and MoneyGram Expands Singapore Presence

Ripple will do better, given the already pretty good position. Ripple is gradually convincing the world of the importance and importance of blockchain. Ripple emphasizes that the crypto theme is not as complex as it might seem, but it is interesting and useful. Ripple technologies help you quickly send money home, which is of weight, in particular, for labor migrants, but not only for them. Further growth of Ripple depends on a number of events. So, ZyCrypto experts presented a forecast for XRP, and Ripple MoneyGram partner expands its presence in Singapore.

Ripple xrp 1 - Ripple Achieves More: Prediction for XRP and MoneyGram Expands Singapore Presence

Ripple Achieves More: Prediction for XRP

ZyCrypto experts presented a forecast for Ripple XRP in a material that talked about those digital assets that will rise in 2020. Ripple XRP made it to the list of seven best. ZyCrypto analysts called Ripple XRP a leader in terms of banking infrastructure. Experts emphasized that in 2020, the Ripple XRP will achieve even more.

Thanks to Ripple’s partnership with Worldwide Financial Services, Western Union and upcoming Moneygram-related transactions, XRP will retain its place as a token in terms of banking. Ripple XRP may rise more than 380% this year. ZyCrypto experts emphasized that the Ripple XRP is definitely worth the attention of consumers.

MoneyGram expands presence in Singapore

Ripple MoneyGram partner expands presence in Singapore. MoneyGram launches a website to expand its digital presence in the Singapore market. Singaporeans will now be able to use Ripple’s digital partner services for cross-border payments. According to Camila Chitil, MoneyGram’s chief operating officer, customers really appreciate the convenience of translations, and the company is happy to give Singaporeans this so they can successfully send money to family and friends around the world.

Given that MoneyGram uses Ripple’s liquidity-on-demand technology, it is clear that with the expansion of MoneyGram’s presence in Singapore, Ripple’s presence is also expanding. There is a certain likelihood of further conclusion of certain new Ripple partnerships with banks or other financial institutions of Singapore. The exact timing of such a Ripple promotion is not known, but fairly obvious in general.

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