Ripple actively goes further: Quantum swap in XRP on BitMEX and a new solution for XRPTipBot

Ripple is actively moving on, moving extremely large in the crypto industry. Ripple’s work on financial technology innovation is incredible. The Ripple team is trying to achieve utmost success so that users can access the most convenient features. Ripple’s ideas allow you to transfer money quickly and efficiently, as well as without unnecessary expenses. Experts and various figures praise the efforts of Ripple. Further moves to promote Ripple depend on a number of events. So, BitMEX released a quantum swap in Ripple XRP and US dollars, and Wits Wind found a new solution for XRPTipBot.

ripple 9 - Ripple actively goes further: Quantum swap in XRP on BitMEX and a new solution for XRPTipBot

Ripple actively goes further: Quantum swap in XRP on BitMEX

Ripple XRP will now be along with the US dollar in a quantum swap on BitMEX. A quanto swap is a cross-currency interest rate swap where one counterparty pays another at an interest rate. When the contract expires, the notional amount is paid in cash at a predetermined exchange rate. Such swaps can be useful for those who are in search of liquidity and in those cases where they can place a margin in their preferred currency.

The quantum swap product for Ripple XRP and the US dollar will be launched on February 5, 2020. Prior to this, on January 31, BitMEX UP and DOWN contracts for Ripple XRP will be deleted, and new ones will not be issued. The contract details for Ripple XRP will be available on Testnet with more information to learn. BitMEX also continues to work on new features and products, including for Ripple XRP, and they will be gradually introduced throughout the year.

Wits Wind Finds New Solution for XRPTipBot

Wits Wind found a new solution for XRPTipBot after the latter was blocked on Twitter. XRPTipBot is a product that allows you to send Ripple XRP to each other on Twitter, Reddit and so on. This is a fairly easy way to send Ripple XRP, which at the same time raises awareness and attracts more people to the XRP community. Ripple XRPTipBot has also been used for good, helping many charities. However, on January 23, 2020, the Ripple XRPTipBot account was blocked.

However, a few hours after the Ripple XRPTipBot stopped, Wits Wind found a solution. Instead of marking XRPTipBot, users can now use the hashtag #xrptip to send XRP. For example, like this: @user + amount #xrptip. The quick reaction of Wits Wind shows that the Ripple XRP community is ready to adapt to any changes and provide support in different situations when necessary.

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