Ripple and MoneyGram build new infrastructure together

According to Ashish Birl, Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Products and Corporate Development, Ripple and MoneyGram will create something great together in 2020.

ripple xrp moneygram - Ripple and MoneyGram build new infrastructure together

Ripple and MoneyGram are building a new infrastructure together: Details

Ripple MoneyGram partner’s money transfer service is actively expanding into new corridors. Ashipp Birla, Ripple’s senior vice president of products and corporate development, said Ripple and MoneyGram are creating a new infrastructure to improve money transfer operations around the world.

Ashish Birla emphasized that Ripple and MoneyGram together are making very serious efforts, adding that market development requires a lot of work. In another statement, Ashish Birla said that MoneyGram is even working on integrating RippleNet for transfers between accounts in 2020.

This step is primarily related to the ability of Ripple ODL to reduce capital costs. At the same time, the payment will not be significantly high for third parties. In addition, according to the latest MoneyGram press release, the company sees Ripple as an important partner in the future. According to representatives of the organization, Ripple and MoneyGram all the time worked on expanding the strategic partnership.

It was previously known that Ripple improves cross-border payments in South Korea.

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