Ripple can achieve: FlashFX talks about 20 payment corridors and Citi experiments

Ripple can achieve tremendous results in 2020. Ripple is successfully advancing in the world of financial technology. Various experts praise Ripple technology. Forecasts for the future for Ripple are very optimistic, and they have a reason. FlashFX, for example, says that Ripple could open another 20 payment corridors in 2020, while Citi was experimenting with Ripple technology.

xrpcoills - Ripple can achieve: FlashFX talks about 20 payment corridors and Citi experiments

Ripple Can Reach: FlashFX Talks About 20 Payment Corridors

Ripple may open another 20 payment corridors in 2020, according to FlashFX co-founder Nicholas Steiger. Such information regarding the future of Ripple, a FlashFX spokesman said in an interview with video blogger Crypto Eri. The Australian company FlashX has long been working with Ripple. According to Nicholas Steiger, thanks to the partnership, Ripple FlashFX is trying to help those who send money to Australia.

Thanks to Ripple, FlashFX customers get a much more reliable service, which is extremely important. In this vein, FlashFX co-founder also pointed to Ripple reaching about 20 new payment corridors. In what directions these Ripple corridors will be, and also why exactly such a number, the FlashFX employee did not specify.

Citi Experiments

American investment company Citi (Citigroup Inc) conducted experiments with Ripple technology. Rakesha Yadava, a former Citi application development manager on LinkedIn, has a hint of some kind of connection with Ripple. It states that there was a pilot project CitiCoin, which was developed using including technology Ripple. The project itself did exist, as evidenced by other statements by Citigroup Inc. There is also information from another former Citi employee, Mantan Shesha, who previously worked on three cryptocurrency verification projects in Dublin. One of the projects specified the task of building a payment system using the Ripple protocol and platform to accelerate international and inter-currency payments for Citi Institutional clients.

This means that Citi has actually experimented with Ripple to use Ripple for cross-border payments. Ripple is also mentioned in 2018 in Citi’s Bank of the Future report. Currently, the company is considering various blockchain technologies and projects. Considering past experiments with Ripple, as a result of which there were no sharply negative statements, it is likely that Citi will use Ripple projects in the future.

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