Ripple claims leadership: Bitkub, Bitrue and American Express

Ripple declares leadership in the field of financial technology, showing this quite actively since the beginning of 2020. Many experts note Ripple’s great success in innovation for international translations. A number of organizations integrate Ripple projects, talking about their reliability as well as their effectiveness. Ripple’s further application for leadership depends on many events. So, Bitkub joined the Ripplenet program, Bitrue opened 80 pairs for XRP, and American Express applied for a license in China.

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Ripple Announces Leadership: Bitkub

Bitkub has joined the Ripplenet program, according to co-founder and CEO of Topp Jirayut. Bitkub CEO stressed that the company is an official Ripple exchange partner in Thailand. The head of the partner company Ripple indicated that now the blockchain experience is being humanized. This means increased confidence in, in particular, Ripple technologies, and more chances for active development. Topp also explained that Ripple is one of the key players that can provide significant benefits for banks. It is worth noting that the CEO of Bitkub visited Ripple Swell 2019, and then Eric Van Miltenburg just announced that Ripple will launch the ODL product in Thailand in 2020.

Bitrue has opened 80 pairs for XRP

The Bitrue exchange has previously announced that it will make new trading pairs with Ripple XRP, and there will be only 80 of them. Now, Bitrue on social networks has indicated that this has been completed. The exchange also emphasized that in the future there will be new pairs with Ripple XRP. The exact timing, as well as the details of this, Bitrue did not indicate. However, users were asked to write in the comments on the ad what other trading pair with Ripple XRP they would like to see on the exchange.

American express

Ripple American Express partner has applied for a license in China. This can be considered another step towards expanding Ripple through its partners. American Express wants to obtain a license from Central Bank of China to distribute Ripple technology for instant payments in the local market. Currently, the Central Bank of China has accepted an application from American Express for consideration. The exact timing of the application is not yet known. China is one of the largest payment markets in the world. Therefore, the promotion of Ripple there, including through a partner represented by American Express, can be called a significant enough moment.

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