Ripple continues its active expansion: TransferGo with CurrencyCloud, Fortune rating and partnership with Top Remit

Ripple continues to expand actively around the world. Ripple is showing great promotion results. Ripple’s strategies are truly winning and reliable. Further prosperity depends on various events. So, the partner of Ripple TransferGo began to cooperate with CurrencyCloud, the Fortune rating indicated Ripple as one of the best jobs, and also became aware of the active partnership of Ripple with Top Remit.

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Ripple Continues Active Extension: TransferGo with CurrencyCloud

Ripple TransferGo partner has partnered with CurrencyCloud to further expand its network reach. With the new partnership, Ripple’s partner will be able to enter 14 new markets and reach 69 new countries through payment services. TransferGo entered into a partnership with Ripple in 2018, and this was necessary so that Indian labor migrants could send money home safely and securely.

Ripple recently announced an expansion of its partnership in Europe. The reason for cooperation with CurrencyCloud was indicated, among other things, by the desire to create financial opportunities and access for labor migrants around the world. According to the head of Ripple’s partner, the new partnership will help meet the needs for scale and reach. In the framework of cooperation with CurrencyCloud TransferGo plans to use Ripple ODL technology, that is, liquidity on demand.

Fortune Rating

Ripple was named by Fortune one of the best jobs in 2020. Ripple was ranked 25th among companies in the San Francisco Bay area. According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, he is happy to be part of such an incredibly talented team.

It is worth noting that Ripple is the only blockchain company that has entered the Fortune rating. According to the compilers of the rating, the main criterion for him was an honest and fair attitude towards employees. Therefore, Ripple is one of the most honest companies in the San Francisco Bay area.

Partnership with Top Remit

Ripple partners with Top Remit, an Indonesian money transfer company. The partnership was concluded earlier, but now it’s become known. According to Top Remit, the reason for working with Ripple is a technology that allows you to send money abroad faster, as well as to more countries. It is worth noting that recently, Top Remit received the award of the best money transfer provider in Indonesia for 2019. Thus, Ripple technology allowed the company to advance quite significantly.

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