Ripple continues to create: BRD, FinNexus and Banco Topazio Tools

Ripple continues to create extremely good conditions for those who need to transfer funds abroad. Ripple technologies are quite efficient and reliable. Many experts recognized the excellent features of Ripple projects. Various companies are actively integrating the ideas of Ripple, emphasizing the great profitability of such a step in terms of commerce. Further successes at Ripple depend on many events. So, the BRD wallet has launched a new set of tools, FinNexus creates a platform on XRP Ledger, and Banco Topazio can collaborate with Ripple.

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Ripple continues to create: BRD Tool

Ripple-functioning crypto-wallet BRD launches a new set of tools that allow developers of blockchain projects to more easily create various applications. A new toolkit from a Ripple-related wallet is called Blockset. The description states that this is a platform for integrating blockchain data with a set of tools that allow encoders to create “enterprise level” blockchain applications. This makes it possible to automatically retrieve data by chain through the API and, according to BRD representatives, conduct transactions in almost real time on several block chains. Nodes, as the Ripple wallet emphasizes, can be placed out of blocks. Among those cryptocurrencies that are supported on Blockset, there is already Ripple XRP.

FinNexus builds platform on XRP Ledger

FinNexus is creating a platform on the Ripple XRP Ledger, about plans for which there was an official announcement. It is assumed that the platform with the participation of Ripple XRP Ledger in the test version will be launched by the fourth quarter of 2020. More accurate information regarding the FinNexus-based Ripple XRP Ledger project is currently not available.

Banco Topazio can collaborate

Banco Topazio can collaborate with Ripple, as evidenced by some features on the institution’s website. There is a platform that may have something to do with Ripple, judging by its designation and symbolism. There is a possibility that the platform has a test character. Users can log on to this platform and gain access to everything that Banco Topazio offers. No details are currently available for why the bank needs such a platform. However, it is interesting that Banco Topazio representative Lia Tomazzi Susin attended the Ripple Swell 2019 conference. There is a certain probability that then there was a kind of collaboration agreement between Ripple and Banco Topazio, the results of which will be publicly announced later.

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