Ripple continues to help: MoneyGram with EbixCash

Ripple continues to help the world with its technology. Ripple promotes a modern perspective on financial transfers. Ripple projects are quite successful and popular, integrating into the development of various companies. For the further promotion of Ripple, the fate of the cooperating companies is also important. So, the partner of Ripple MoneyGram signed a special agreement with the Indian company EbixCash.

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Ripple Continues To Help: Details Of MoneyGram’s Agreement With EbixCash

Ripple MoneyGram partner has signed a special agreement with the Indian company EbixCash, which will attract millions of customers. This population is 75 thousand villages and about 4 thousand cities in India. This deal of Ripple MoneyGram partner will enable the company to expand its activities in India very significantly. The agreement is strategic in nature. EbixCash customers can now, in various places, including remote rural areas, use the MoneyGram platform to conveniently and easily send and receive money from friends and family in more than 200 countries.

First of all, the emphasis will be on Ripple MoneyGram’s partner with EbixCash on servicing internal transfers, but it will also be possible to send money outside of India. Net profit in this case can be millions of dollars a year. According to Alex Holmes, Chairman and CEO of Ripple MoneyGram Partner, investing in the digital business and in such important markets as India is of great importance. There was no specific reference to the use of Ripple ODL technology, that is, liquidity on demand, during the agreement.

However, it is obvious that MoneyGram is promoted precisely thanks to the Ripple solution for money transfers, therefore, in the case of EbixCash, it will obviously be used. MoneyGram has repeatedly focused on its success more than once thanks to the Ripple project. The company emphasized that Ripple ODL is an extremely profitable technology.

On-demand liquidity from Ripple makes international payments faster and more reliable. Some experts also said that MoneyGram is the most reliable and loyal supporter of Ripple, responding positively in a number of interviews, and also showing a clear increase in the commercial plan. This means that MoneyGram will obviously use Ripple technologies for its promotion to various markets.

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