Ripple continues to wait: Davos’ new aspirations and XRP update on BitPay, Hitmex and BitStorage

Ripple continues to expect great success in financial transfers. These Ripple expectations are perfectly justified given the tremendous efficiency and reliability of Ripple technology. Many experts note the success of Ripple projects for financial payments. Various events are of great importance for the implementation of Ripple’s future plans. So, Ripple supporters received new aspirations from a speech by US President Donald Trump at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, and XRP added BitPay to their wallet and formed new trading pairs on Hitmex and BitStorage.

ripple 2 - Ripple continues to wait: Davos' new aspirations and XRP update on BitPay, Hitmex and BitStorage

Ripple continues to wait: Davos’ new aspirations

Ripple can achieve great achievements after the World Economic Forum in Davos, and this, according to Ripple supporters, was demonstrated, among other things, in the speech of US President Donald Trump. Earlier, hints of a great future for Ripple were already present in the speech of US Secretary Stephen Mnuchin. Supporters of Ripple concluded that US financial regulators are very positive about Ripple, as a company that helps reduce the cost of financial payments. Now, no less enthusiastic about the future of Ripple appeared after the speech of US President Donald Trump.

The head of the United States, like Stephen Mnuchin, did not mention Ripple directly, but he expressed admiration for the fact that not everyone still believes in it and many even consider it impossible. According to Donald Trump, the financial world will be conquered by incredible technological developments. As the President of the United States noted, the wonders of the past will fade before what will become great in the near future and what is currently being actively worked on. Innovations cannot be avoided, but they must be actively introduced. It is freedom to integrate innovations that can lead to great happiness and longevity.

This all pretty much echoes how Ripple can be characterized. Ripple supporters also noted a rather unusual choice of logo for the World Economic Forum in Davos, very reminiscent of XRP. It may also hint that the aspirations of Ripple adherents for a great future for technology companies will soon come true.

XRP added to BitPay wallet

BitPay wallet now supports Ripple XRP. This integration means that BitPay users can directly spend Ripple XRP and pay BitPay bills through XRP. According to CEO of eGifter, a BitPay company, adding Ripple XRP as a payment method is a joy. eGifter welcomes users of Ripple XRP, and no less than in its time Bitcoin users.

To some extent, this may mean a hint that Ripple XRP is now replacing Bitcoin as a leading digital asset. Also, this news was commented by the head of the investment department of Ripple Xpring Ethan Beard. According to a Ripple spokesperson, BitPay provides new and practical ways to use digital assets. Ripple is trying to consolidate such a process so that it is easy for everyone to integrate money into applications. Ripple is pleased to expand cooperation with BitPay and the possibility of using XRP for everyday purchases, which is beneficial for both sellers and consumers.

Trading pairs on Hitmex and BitStorage

Hitmex, a decentralized cryptocurrency asset trading platform, began operating on January 21. Then it was announced that Ripple XRP will be added to the Hitmex platform, consisting in trading pairs with BTC, ETH and USDT. Also, the Seychelles-based BitStorage crypto exchange previously added two new fiat pairs for Ripple XRP. According to a message on social networks, Ripple XRP on BitStorage is now paired with EUR (euro) and UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia). Thus, on this exchange Ripple XRP is already in three trading pairs. The first pair added to Ripple XRP on BitStorage was BTC.

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