Ripple Expands and Continues: Intermex, Binance Update for XRP and Airwallex with Visa

Ripple expands and continues to increase the quality of financial transfers thanks to its technology. Ripple is actively working on projects that can bring real benefits to those who need to send money abroad. Ripple helps migrant workers and not only use a quality service that operates without interruption, does not have high commissions, and is also extremely reliable. Ripple promotion depends on a number of factors and events. So, Intermex began to cooperate with Ripple, Binance opened the opportunity for Visa users to purchase XRP for Russian rubles, and a member of the RippleNet Airwallex network signed an agreement with Visa.

ripple 6 - Ripple Expands and Continues: Intermex, Binance Update for XRP and Airwallex with Visa

Ripple expands and continues: Intermex

Ripple entered into a partnership with Intermex (International Money Express). According to a Ripple announcement, the partnership will allow Intermex to use RippleNet for faster and more transparent cross-border money transfer services between the US and Mexico. Intermex CEO Bob Lisi said in a press release that Intermex is looking forward to implementing solutions on both RippleNet and ODL. He emphasized that the company is pleased to partner with the Ripple team. Ripple technologies, according to the head of Intermex, which will help stimulate growth and increase efficiency in the company’s remittance services.

Binance Update for XRP

Binance has opened an opportunity for Visa users to purchase Ripple XRP for Russian rubles. After the launch of the offer, stock investors will be able to buy Ripple XRP using Russian currency. Such an announcement appeared on the official page. The news was announced via tweet on the official Binance page on Twitter. To purchase Ripple XRP for Russian rubles, you need to go to the “Buy Crypto” page on the official website of the Binance crypto exchange, select the amount in rubles, click “Next”, and then select the “Add Card” option to add a Visa card . After successfully adding a card, it will be possible to buy Ripple XRP at Binance for Russian rubles.

Airwallex Signs Visa Agreement

RippleNet member Airwallex has signed an agreement with Visa to launch a borderless card. The new proposal is supposed to make the business better for international payments. At first, the card will be available only in Australia, but Airwallex also plans to release its product in Hong Kong and the UK. According to Jack Chan, CEO of Ripple Airwallex partner, such cooperation will allow the company to reach a new level. It is worth noting that Airwallex joined the RippleNet network in October 2017 along with dLocal, TransferGo and other companies. The company uses RippleNet to process corporate payments in the Asia-Pacific region.

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