Ripple for fair assessment: Brad Garlinghouse’s dispute with Mike Novogratz

Ripple advocates for a fair assessment regarding not only its projects, but the blockchain as a whole. Representatives of Ripple have repeatedly stressed that the industry suffers from information ducks, which are made in connection with the desire to cause a stir. Often inaccurate data appears on the Web that misleads ordinary users. Ripple has repeatedly emphasized the need to trust reliable sources where the data is backed by facts. Another case of Ripple’s attitude to justice was shown by the example of a dispute between Brad Garlinghouse and Mike Novogratz.

RIPPLE 8 - Ripple for fair assessment: Brad Garlinghouse's dispute with Mike Novogratz

Ripple for fair assessment: Details

An example of a dispute between the head of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse and Mike Novogratz was a case in point of Ripple’s reverent attitude towards justice. Mike Novogratz said that the Ripple XRP is supposedly significantly reduced in terms of cost in 2020. At the same time, he directly accused Ripple of sloppy behavior regarding the value of a digital asset. This statement outraged Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

The head of Ripple emphasized that Mike Novogratz absolutely cannot be called Nostradamus from the crypto industry. Listen to Mike Novogratz, according to the CEO of Ripple, users are completely not worth it. The head of Ripple confirmed his words and an important fact regarding the ability to financially predict the opponent. The fact is that Mike Novogratz indicated that allegedly Bitcoin (BTC) could reach $ 20,000 in 2019. Reality turned out to be the very opposite of this forecast. After stopping the rise in 2019, Bitcoin fell to $ 6,400 in December.

Accordingly, the indicated expert was not only mistaken in the designation of value, but also in general, the results of the price behavior were completely opposite to his words. Bitcoin did not rise, but fell. Mike Novograd’s statement in the end turned out to be one of the worst crypto forecasts of last year. Thus, it is difficult to say that this figure can really correctly assess the future prospects of cryptocurrency prices.

His forecast for Ripple XRP, respectively, cannot be called accurate. There is some likelihood that this statement regarding the Ripple XRP was due to the desire to rise from the hype from criticism. The fact is that after the words of Ripple CEO Mike Novogratz somewhat altered his point of view. The analyst noted that the Ripple XRP has some difficulties. However, now Michael Novogratz did not directly criticize Ripple, saying that Brad Garlinghouse did a “great job” as CEO.

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