Ripple gives decent success: CB Insights report, Bpost with Ria Money Transfer and XRP update on Huobi

Ripple gives decent success to the companies with which it collaborates. Ripple company provides a sufficiently high-quality and reliable technology. Various experts praise Ripple’s projects. Ripple’s promotion depends on a series of events that influence it. So, CB Insights appreciated the success of Ripple for 2019, Bpost collaborates with partner Ripple Ria Money Transfer, and Huobi has opened a new function, including for the digital asset XRP.

ripple 5 - Ripple gives decent success: CB Insights report, Bpost with Ria Money Transfer and XRP update on Huobi

Ripple Gains Decent Success: CB Insights Report

Ripple raised the most funds among blockchain companies, according to a CB Insights report. We are talking about attracting Ripple $ 200 million in the C series round from such investors as: SBI Group, Tetragon Financial Group and Routee 66 Ventures. Then the blockchain company led by Brad Garlinghouse was valued at $ 10 billion. The investment round helped Ripple lead the list of fundraising firms. Ripple plans to use the funds to hire talent, open new offices abroad and increase balance flexibility. In general, as CB Insights notes, blockchain investments have begun to decline in some way. However, the amount collected by Ripple, in one way or another, is worthy and shows interest in the crypto industry.

Bpost with Ria Money Transfer

The Belgian postal company Bpost will cooperate with Ripple Ria Money Transfer partner, without renewing the contract with Western Union expiring in February. According to the announcement from Bpost, working with the indicated Ripple partner will give more competitiveness. In a few weeks, Ria money transfer services will be offered in more than 600 post offices throughout Belgium. Details of the transaction were not disclosed, however, it is likely that Ripple technologies will be used there. This means another indirect partnership for Ripple and the possibility of some progress now in Belgium.

XRP update on Huobi

Huobi Exchange announced an interesting solution for Ripple XRP during the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020. This is the first Huobi brokerage solution for institutional clients to work worldwide, licensed by Gibraltar. Among the assets included in this project is Ripple XRP.

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