Ripple gives you convenience: Wirex with i2c, XRP records on Bitso and cost increases

Ripple brings convenience with its technology. Experts more than once in 2019 recognized the success of Ripple. In 2020, the situation with Ripple did not become different. Ripple technologies continue to delight consumers, and the company has a strategy for active promotion. Various events can influence this. So, a partner of Ripple Wirex began to cooperate with i2c, XRP reached new records on the Bitso exchange, and new forecasts for an increase in value appeared.

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Ripple gives you convenience: Wirex with i2c

Ripple Wirex partner recently announced a partnership with i2c to provide a multi-currency travel card for customers in the Asia-Pacific region. This will allow consumers to conveniently make transactions with 150 currencies. Ripple Wirex partner has already managed to conduct transactions for more than $ 2.6 billion in 130 currencies. According to Pavel Matveev, CEO of Ripple Wirex partner, the company cooperates with i2c, because the latter has extensive experience working with multi-currency wallets. It is such a processor that can integrate both cryptocurrency and fiat on the same platform, and provides efficient and reliable service .. Given that Wirex is part of the Ripple network and uses its technology, this partnership can open up new paths for the XRP digital asset.

Bitso XRP Records

Ripple XRP reached a new record for the liquidity index at the end of 2019 on the Mexican exchange Bitso. According to the liquidity bot, the volume of Ripple XRP paired with the Mexican peso was 10,071,247 XRP. For comparison, a month ago, the indicator of the digital asset Ripple XRP on Bitso was about 6 million XRP. This shows that Ripple is actively advancing in Mexico, where remittances are currently quite important.

Cost increase

Ripple XRP may increase in value. Despite certain negative fluctuations, including at the end of 2019, the Ripple XRP is likely to restore price positions. In particular, analyst and trader IamCryptoWolf believes that the Ripple XRP may return to around $ 0.3. Cryptanalyst and founder of Quantum Economics Mati Greenspan believes that the price of Ripple XRP will rise in the long run. The reasons for increasing the cost of Ripple XRP are three factors: good technology, a strong team and close cooperation with financial institutions.

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