Ripple highlights efforts: SK, XRP at Binance, vacancies and statement by Markus Traicher

Ripple highlights efforts to advance financial technology. Ripple’s position is currently fairly good. Ripple technology continues to gain momentum as it integrates into more and more different structures. Integration and other moments of recovery contribute to various events. So, SK will present a charity platform based on Ripple technology, Binance has a new pair with XRP, Ripple has 49 open vacancies at the beginning of 2020, and Marcus Traicher said that Asia will stimulate innovation.

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Ripple highlights efforts: SK

Ripple technology will be used by South Korean telecommunications giant SK for a charity platform. The Ripple platform is called ChainZ and uses the Ripple network, as well as the stable Social Value Coin (SVC) coin for donations, with the Social Value Power (SVP) utility provided to those who donate as a reward. Particular attention on the Ripple technology donation platform will be given to education, hunger, and support for single mothers.

XRP on Binance and Jobs

Ripple XRP at Binance is now a couple with the euro. It became possible to trade Ripple XRP from 8 am UTC. Whether pairs with any other currencies will be made for Ripple XRP, Binance has not yet announced.

Ripple began 2020 with 49 jobs in the United States, Britain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Dubai and India. This may indicate that Ripple is preparing for a global expansion. 16 vacancies are for engineers who will continue to develop Ripple payment solutions and help customers integrate its software. Ripple is also looking for senior managers in São Paulo, London and San Francisco. Ripple’s job listings also highlight the company’s efforts to accelerate the introduction of the XRP digital asset.

Statement by Marcus Traicher

Ripple’s Senior Vice President, Customer Success Markus Tracer predicts that Asia will drive payment innovation. According to the representative of Ripple, Asia may have the greatest need for a better payment infrastructure. This statement was made by a Ripple employee in an interview with FinTech magazine. A representative from Ripple emphasized that Asia accounted for 80% of the digital asset trade, and therefore this key hub may be most in need of improved payment infrastructure. Ripple’s senior vice president also said that micropayments will remain popular and may even increase.

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