Ripple Holds Out: MoneyGram Successes and New HSBC Relations

Ripple offers consumers a big chance to simplify the money transfer industry. Gradually, more and more users note the profitability and reliability of Ripple technology. Various experts emphasize the effectiveness of Ripple’s ideas. This is proved by various important events. So, a partner of Ripple MoneyGram reports a record growth in transactions, and there may also be new Ripple connections with HSBC.

photo 2019 09 10 08 06 24 - Ripple Holds Out: MoneyGram Successes and New HSBC Relations

Ripple Holds Out: MoneyGram Success

Ripple MoneyGram partner reported a record increase in holiday transactions. According to a press release, the company recorded a significant increase in transactions on MoneyGram online platforms for the first 25 days of last month. According to Ripple MoneyGram partner, the company’s online platform reported transaction growth of more than 70 percent. At the same time, 80 percent of these transactions were carried out on mobile devices. Outside of the United States, online transactions during the holiday season increased by almost 120 percent year on year. All over the world, all of Ripple MoneyGram’s major online markets have achieved double-digit transaction growth during the holiday season.

New Ripple Relationships with HSBC

There were some rumors about Ripple’s new relationship with HSBC. It was previously known that the SABB bank, in which HSBC owns a minority stake, joined the Ripple network in January 2018. After that, Google’s lead cloud architect at HSBC, Dillip Kumar, through his LinkedIn profile, revealed that Ripple and Hyperledger are being evaluated for other use cases.

Now the only question is whether Ripple and Hyperledger are evaluated in terms of the further work of Dilippe Kumar in HSBC or in another sense. In addition, there is no precise understanding of the words “for other uses”. HSBC previously mentioned Ripple XRP in the past in its report “Distributed Capital Register Technology” and highlighted the benefits of XRP. What will happen next between Ripple and HSBC is not yet known exactly.

Other news

Earlier it was reported that analysts DonAlt, Bitlord, Big Cheds and HaraldoXRP made different forecasts regarding the cost of Ripple XRP. Also, the South African exchange Xago rated Ripple XRP and Bitcoin, comparing similar and different features and highlighting Ripple XRP positively after that.

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