Ripple in important detail: Distribution of ODL, opinion of Brad Garlinghouse and XRP on CryptoSook and LBank

Ripple in important details explains to the whole world how important modern financial technologies are. Ripple is clearly demonstrating that such projects really help. This opinion is also confirmed by various experts. Many companies also integrate Ripple’s ideas. Ripple’s further advancement is influenced by many events. So, successes in the distribution of ODL were indicated, the head of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse evaluated financial technologies this year, and the CryptoSook and LBank exchanges added XRP to their listing.

pixrpix2 - Ripple in important detail: Distribution of ODL, opinion of Brad Garlinghouse and XRP on CryptoSook and LBank

Ripple in Important Details: Distributing ODL

Ripple ODL, that is, liquidity on demand, has increased the number of companies that use it. So, now 24 firms have confirmed the use of Ripple ODL now or in the future. Companies that plan to integrate Ripple ODL or have already done so are: TransPayGo, JNFX, MoneyGram, Viamericas, TransferGo, Euro Exim Bank, SBI Virtual Currencies, SendFriend, Remessa, BTC Markets, FTCS, Bitrue, goLance, Bittrex, Bitso, Interbank ,, FlashFX, Nium, Bitstamp, Cuallix, Mercury FX, Catalyst, and IDT.

Opinion by Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on Twitter has expressed an opinion on the acquisition of Visa Plaid startups for 5.3 billion dollars. According to the CEO of Ripple, 2020 will be the year of consolidation in the field of financial technology and the crypto industry. Now, the XRP community on Twitter has become interested in whether this might be a hint at the new acquisitions that Ripple plans to make in 2020. The Ripple CEO has not yet commented on these assumptions, so whether this is so will become known over time.

XRP on CryptoSook and LBank

Ripple XRP appeared in the listing of two more exchanges, namely CryptoSook and LBank. Regarding CryptoSook, it is known that this is a recently launched crypto exchange in Estonia. Ripple XRP on this platform in trading pairs with BTC and USDC. There is information about LBank that it was founded in October 2016, and now ranks ninth in the CoinMarketCap rating for exchanges by adjusted volume. Ripple XRP on this platform is still trading with USDT. The reasons for adding Ripple XRP to these exchanges right now are not yet known.

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