Ripple: Japanese Bitbank Listed 50 Million XRP

Over the past two days, 50 million XRP has been transferred between three large crypto exchanges and Japanese Bitbank. Some speculate that he may soon join the new ODL corridor.

xrp - Ripple: Japanese Bitbank Listed 50 Million XRP

The XRPL Monitor bot reported several large XRP transactions totaling 50 million XRP ($ 13,790,820).

Ripple Promotions in 2020

Ripple has already taken some important steps this year. Brad Garlinghouse mentioned a possible IPO this year. Although he later stated that he was misunderstood. For the second time, Brad Garlinghouse spoke to CNN in an interview with Julia Chatterly. This suggests that Ripple is the only cryptocurrency company that promotes its interests outside its community.

According to U.Today earlier on Saturday, Tron head Justin Sun also made it to CNN’s studio for an interview.

In addition, it recently became known that Ripple entered the top 100 international payment companies.

Ripple was also included in the Forbes ‘list of 50 leading global organizations.

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