Ripple MoneyGram partner enters into cooperation with Ukrainian Industrialbank

Ripple MoneyGram partner enters into a partnership with Ukrainian Industrialbank, expanding the range of services for the largest recipient of money transfers in Europe. MoneyGram after entering into a partnership with Ripple began to actively gain momentum. Ripple’s on-demand liquidity technology has helped MoneyGram advance into regions around the world. Now Ripple MoneyGram partner has signed an agreement with Ukrainian Industrialbank.

ripple 17 - Ripple MoneyGram partner enters into cooperation with Ukrainian Industrialbank

Ripple MoneyGram partner enters into cooperation with Ukrainian Industrialbank: Details

Ripple MoneyGram partner enters into a cooperation with Ukrainian Industrialbank, according to a press release, to expand the service of depositing its accounts in the country. Thanks to the Ripple partner, residents of Ukraine will now receive faster and cheaper financial transfer services. According to Alex Holmes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MoneyGram, a global transformation is taking place in a leading global cross-border P2P payment and money transfer company.

Also, the head of partner Ripple added that the latest partnership demonstrates the company’s desire to modernize and expand its services in key areas of the market. as the head of Ripple MoneyGram’s partner stressed, as the company develops to meet the changing needs of consumers around the world, the team tries to focus on accelerating digital growth by expanding the possibilities of replenishing the account in new markets. The new partnership with Ukrainian Industrialbank is one of the agreements that emphasizes the current strategic investments of Ripple MoneyGram partner in the modernization and expansion of the company’s services in key markets.

Industrial Bank Chairman Mikhail Bukreev said he was grateful to the team of both companies for introducing such a wonderful innovation. Ukraine, as the largest recipient of remittances in the region, will now have a more convenient and simple way to gain access to funds and expand financial affordability thanks to the new service provided by Ripple MoneyGram partner.

It was previously known that the Ripple-based MoneyTap application receives investments from Japan’s second largest bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). The exact amount of the investment is not currently known. The investment took place under an agreement with SBI Holdings to organize a blockchain-based financial services platform. Also previously there was information that Ripple SBI Asia is investing in Currencycloud.

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