Ripple MoneyGram Partner Exceeds All Expectations in 4Q Revenue Report

The total revenue of the partner Ripple MoneyGram for the last quarter of 2019 amounted to 323 million dollars.

MoneyGram xrp - Ripple MoneyGram Partner Exceeds All Expectations in 4Q Revenue Report

Ripple MoneyGram Partner Exceeded All Expectations in 4Q Revenue Report: Details

Ripple MoneyGram partner presented the financial report for the 4th quarter of 2019, where he emphasized that the revenues were higher than expected. The company’s revenue for the last quarter is 323 million dollars. In its business report, MoneyGram drew attention to the fact that it continued to expand its strategic partnership with giant San Francisco-based Ripple, which owns a 9.95% stake in the company. This coincided with its fast digital conversion: MoneyGram Online showed a 39 percent increase in transactions year on year.

According to Alex Holmes, CEO of Ripple MoneyGram partner, this year was key because the company continued to conduct digital transformation and provide differentiated services to customers. It is worth noting that the indicated 323 million dollars do not include what Ripple received during the cooperation. Ripple as part of a strategic partnership with MoneyGram received an income of $ 8.9 million.

It was previously known that Ripple XRP is no match for money transfers.

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