Ripple MoneyGram partner joins forces with Amazon and Google

MoneyGram, a key partner of the blockchain company Ripple, accelerates digital transformation with a new cloud strategy.

ripple moneygram - Ripple MoneyGram partner joins forces with Amazon and Google

Ripple MoneyGram Partner Joins Amazon and Google: Details

Ripple MoneyGram partner continues its digital transformation by introducing a multi-cloud strategy with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. With this initiative, a Ripple partner can further reduce the cost of transferring money.

Ripple MoneyGram partner will rely on AWS to expedite their transactions. Meanwhile, Google Cloud will help improve the perception of customers by analyzing their behavior. Camila Chitil, chief operating officer of Ripple MoneyGram’s partner, noted that the company has been keen on implementing advanced technologies for years, and there is currently a digital transformation in every industry in its business.

It was previously known that TerraPay has confirmed a partnership with Ripple.

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