Ripple Moves to Leadership: Opinion of Protocol Founder Vega and Chainalysis Added XRP Support

Ripple is moving towards leadership, continuing to scale up on a massive scale. Ripple has shown very good results, proving reliability and efficiency. Ripple projects are currently quite popular. Ripple technologies are actively used in the field of international translations. Further promotion of Ripple’s ideas depends on a number of factors and events. So, the founder of Vega protocol Barney Mannings commented on the collaboration with the investment department of Ripple Xpring, and Chainalysis added support for XRP.

ripple 22 - Ripple Moves to Leadership: Opinion of Protocol Founder Vega and Chainalysis Added XRP Support

Ripple Moves to Leadership: Opinion of Vega Protocol Founder

Vega protocol founder Barney Mannings commented on a collaboration with Ripple Xpring’s investment department in an interview with Crypto News Flash. Crypto News Flash reporters noted that Vega raised more than $ 5 million in private funding a few months ago. Many became aware of the project itself due to the fact that the investment department of Ripple Xpring participated in it. Therefore, the founder of the Vega protocol was asked to talk in more detail about cooperation with Ripple Xpring.

In response, Barney Mannings emphasized that Ripple Xpring provided incredible support for his investment, but did not interfere in the internal processes of the project. The Vega team also works with Ripple Xpring to understand possible uses of the protocol.

Ripple protocols are used to transfer large amounts of money, so there are certain potential opportunities for using derivatives. Crypto News Flash reporters also asked if the Vega team intends to directly use one of the Ripple technologies, in addition to XRP trading. Barney Mannings replied, indicating that it was possible. Currently, Ripple Xpring with Vega has a preliminary negotiation process, but no official commitments have been made.

Chainalysis Added XRP Support

Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company for government and financial exchanges, has added support for Ripple XRP to its service. According to a recent announcement, Chainalysis’s work with Ripple XRP will begin with the top 70 identified XRP exchanges. In the coming weeks, the company will also determine the likelihood of a hacking Ripple XRP. This is not a surprise since liquidity on demand from Ripple depends on exchanges.

Thoroughly checking and clearing top exchanges can be part of the Ripple process of adding more ODL exchange partners and ODL deployment in more countries. Ripple ODL customers also rely heavily on exchanges, and their trust in them matters. Also, previously, the crypto space has repeatedly suffered from fraud. For example, many newspaper ducks appeared on social networks, which greatly influenced the credibility of Ripple XRP as well. Chainalysis’s work can help build trust and enhance the reliability of the Ripple XRP ecosystem.

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