Ripple negotiates with SEC regarding XRP

Ripple is negotiating with various entities to resolve certain issues, as well as further start cooperation. Ripple is committed to implementing important business strategies. Ripple projects are very significant in the field of financial technology. Many organizations integrate Ripple technology, noting after this a high degree of economic success. The ideas of Ripple also contribute to strengthening the position of the blockchain in the world. The attitude towards the blockchain is still skeptical. There are some doubts, and Ripple is trying to gradually resolve these doubts. So, Ripple is in talks with the SEC regarding XRP.

ripple 12 - Ripple negotiates with SEC regarding XRP

Ripple negotiates with SEC regarding XRP: Details

Ripple is in talks with the SEC regarding the XRP and the status of this asset. Earlier, the SEC’s recommendations regarding the Ripple XRP were heard in court proceedings. The SEC claimed that the Ripple XRP was allegedly a security. However, this did not lead to any serious consequences. In particular, the CEO of Ripple emphasized that SEC materials are recommendations in nature and therefore cannot be considered at the legislative level. This meant that they could not be taken by the court.

In addition, several other important global structures have repeatedly emphasized that Ripple XRP refers specifically to digital assets. Over time, SEC representatives said they could change their mind about Ripple XRP by revising their understanding of the blockchain. As a result, direct negotiations between Ripple and the SEC could result from this. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse during the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos announced negotiations with the SEC.

According to him, Ripple has been working closely with the SEC for a long time. The main reason is to determine what exactly relates to the blockchain. According to the representative of Ripple, judging by what he heard from market participants, clarity is really extremely necessary in this matter. Without clarity, as the head of Ripple noted, it will be difficult to understand how the blockchain will ultimately regulate. There are currently no other details regarding the negotiations between Ripple and the SEC, however, it is likely that such activities during the year will really produce significant results.

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