Ripple network covers 70 countries

The Ripple network covers 70 countries, the company said in a new report. Ripple expansion around the world is essential. Earlier, Ripple representatives had already announced plans for 2020, indicating that there could be much more partners, and there would also be a development of relations in general. Ripple’s strategies are always justified, which became apparent from the very beginning of 2020. New partnerships are concluded, and the Ripple XRP asset is added to various exchanges or receives new trading pairs. An analysis of the situation as a whole also helps further the implementation of Ripple’s plans. So, in a new report, Ripple indicated that its network covers 70 countries, and the influence of technology liquidity on demand is growing.

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Ripple network covers 70 countries: Details

In a new report, Ripple indicated that its network covers 70 countries, and the influence of on-demand liquidity technology, that is, ODL, is also growing. On average, one new country per week is added to the Ripple network list. As for liquidity on demand from Ripple, this project is already distributed in the following 25 countries: USA, UK, Mexico, Philippines, France, Spain, Australia, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Austria , Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Greece.

This is a very positive result, showing a significant development of liquidity on demand from Ripple. There is a possibility of even more active promotion in the near future. Moreover, Ripple has plans to create new payment corridors that will help to transfer money abroad even easier. This is very important for labor migrants who need to send financial resources extremely quickly and cheaply.

Therefore, the large-scale development of liquidity at the request of Ripple, which allows for a high-quality transfer of funds, is guaranteed in some way. You just have to wait a while. The same applies to the coverage of the Ripple network, where obviously by the end of 2020 there will be significantly more than 70 countries currently available.

Other news

It was previously known that the partner company Ripple Bitpay integrates with Poynt Smart Terminal point devices. Thanks to this, the Ripple XRP digital asset will be available to 100,000 retailers. There was also information that Ripple XRP was added to the trading pair with ZAR (South African Rand) on the VALR South African Exchange. In addition, Ripple XRP is on the listing of the Bitazza exchange based in Thailand.

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