Ripple on the Davos Forum: Expectations for Success

Ripple on the Davos forum can accomplish quite a lot. The very fact that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was invited to this forum is of great importance. There are important political figures who can discuss the future of finance, including with Ripple. Moreover, various states are increasingly thinking about digitalization of finance. Therefore, the aspirations of Ripple supporters for the Davos forum are significant. In particular, certain thoughts about the future Ripple speech in Davos, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

ripple - Ripple on the Davos Forum: Expectations for Success

Ripple on the Davos Forum: Speech by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin

At the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin recently made a statement that interested Ripple supporters. The Minister noted that the US government welcomes and supports cross-border payment companies, which make transactions for retail and business customers significantly cheaper. There is a certain likelihood that the words of Stephen Mnuchin meant support for Ripple.

There was no official mention of Ripple in the statements of Stephen Mnuchin, however, MoneyGram was mentioned there, which, as you know, actively uses Ripple technology and responds very positively to it. In addition, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse posted this statement to the U.S. Treasury Secretary on his Twitter page. Therefore, a certain part of Ripple supporters came to the conclusion that US regulators are ready to recognize and support Ripple, as the creator of innovation, as well as an important participant in the financial and banking system.

It is also worth noting that what Stephen Mnuchin said about cross-border financial transfer systems is entirely related to Ripple. The US Secretary of State emphasized that such systems have advantages in reducing costs for consumers and enterprises. Various experts and firms have repeatedly emphasized this advantage precisely with Ripple, so it may turn out that Stephen Mnuchin really had in mind this company. Thus, this gives Ripple supporters great hope for the upcoming and very visible success, in particular in the USA. It was also previously known that Ripple, in the person of Managing Director Navin Gupta, called XRP an ideal bridge for the financial system.

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