Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially

Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially, as certain events and announcements hint at. Ripple is very actively moving forward, achieving very good results. Ripple technologies are quite popular, and many companies are implementing them. Experts also praise Ripple’s ideas. Ripple’s continued success depends on many factors. Thus, experts at announced that Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially.

ripple 18 - Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially

Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially: Details

Ripple partnerships will grow exponentially, according to experts at Analysts have made such conclusions regarding Ripple based on several factors. First of all, statements by the company’s employee Marcus Traicher, who indicated that the industry is undergoing consolidation. This is reflected in traditional banking operations, and in financial technologies and in the blockchain. It has already been observed how many crypto firms close or are bought by others, and this proves that assets without a real use case will not survive.

Prior to this, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also wrote about consolidation. In the Ripple XRP community, this is considered a hint at upcoming 2020 acquisitions. Analyst Cindy Iforgan, in particular, wrote that the expectations for this are very significant. Based on this information, experts at suggested that Ripple partnerships would grow exponentially. To a certain extent, this may indeed be the case. Since the beginning of the year, it was already known that more than one new Ripple collaboration, as well as the adoption of the digital asset XRP.

The degree of distrust in the blockchain is gradually decreasing, but many people understand its usefulness and effectiveness, and especially with regard to international transfers. More and more people use Ripple technology to transfer money abroad, as it is cheaper and faster, as well as without interruptions. In addition, an important point is the adoption of the crypto industry at the legislative level. For example, this was voiced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and was also reflected in the fifth EU directive adopted on January 1, 2020.

The course on the blockchain is actively gaining momentum. Ripple in this case is ahead of everyone, because it provides important innovations for the world. This may mean that gradually the partnership of the company will really increase significantly. This is likely exponentially. Strengthening the adoption of blockchain in the world leads to an increase in interest in Ripple, and, therefore, many new collaborations.

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