Ripple plans to introduce Xumm Pro

Ripple plans to introduce Xumm Pro to support the future of digital payments. The company invests in XRPL Labs, and this team has already made many important projects for Ripple. The Ripple XRP ecosystem has become much more efficient thanks to the efforts of XRPL Labs led by Wits Wind. Wits Wind has already created significant ideas for Ripple, and this process continues. So, Wits Wind is about to launch a professional version of Xumm Pro for Ripple.

ripple 13 - Ripple plans to introduce Xumm Pro

Ripple plans to introduce the Xumm Pro: Details

Ripple plans to introduce Xumm Pro in the person of the founder of the XRPL Labs team, Vits Wind, who is working on a professional version that is necessary to support the future of digital payments. The Xumm project, based on the Ripple XRP Ledger, is being prepared for release due to the fact that some groups of selected developers have already tested the improved version.

According to Wits Wind, several significant suggestions have already been received regarding the idea of ​​Ripple Xumm. As the release date for Ripple Xumm approaches, Wits Wind wants to add some professional features to the app to make it even more outstanding.

The team is also thinking of launching the Ripple Xumm Pro. The professional version, as Wits Wind noted, would enable XRPL Labs to “deploy even more features,” as well as create more infrastructure. Functions in Ripple Xumm Pro will be relevant, for example, to enable background push notifications each time a payment is sent to an XRPL user account. Existing useful features in Ripple Xumm Pro will not be excluded. There will also be no obstacles to using the service for those who are not signed.

Now Wits Wind wants members of the Ripple XRP community to bid for a subscription that won’t look too outrageous. The subscription is designed to support the development of Ripple Xumm. It was also previously known that Ripple partnered with Himalayan Bank Limited, one of the largest private banks in Nepal. There was also information that the digital asset Ripple XRP plans to achieve new records in the two largest corridors, namely in Mexico and the Philippines, and this will happen thanks to MoneyGram.

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