Ripple reaches very substantial heights: Bank of France

Ripple reaches very significant heights, actively gaining momentum around the world. Ripple is performing extremely well. Ripple technologies are quite popular. Many firms are implementing Ripple projects. Various experts note the importance and importance of Ripple’s designs. Further advancement and Ripple’s set of heights depend on a number of factors and events. So, the Bank of France mentioned Ripple in a report on CBDC.

ripple 14 - Ripple reaches very substantial heights: Bank of France

Ripple reaches very significant heights: Mentioned details by the Bank of France

Ripple is mentioned in a report on the CBDC of the Bank of France. The Bank of France is the central bank of France, performing functions in the state to support financial and monetary stability, as well as providing banking services to government bodies, legal entities and individuals. CBDC is the digital currency of the bank. It became known that the Bank of France in the report indicated that the attributes of the CBDC block can be integrated into a digital asset circulating in the blockchain environment. This is probably primarily, as emphasized in the report, specifically for Ripple.

That is, there is a possibility that the future digital currency of the Bank of France may use Ripple XRP as an auxiliary. Ripple XRP Ledger may also be used. In light of this, there is some likelihood that in the future even the euro may switch to the Ripple XRP Ledger. Earlier, the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christina Lagarde has already confirmed that the course will be on the digitization of the euro. Given the activities of the Bank of France, which interacts with the ECB, this may mean a hint of the spread of Ripple technology not only in France, but also in the European Union as a whole.

Other news

It was previously known that the Ripple Xpring investment department sponsored the HackKU Hackathon at the University of Kansas. The hackathon featured the “Best Use of Ripple Xpring” contest, where five teams presented their projects. The winner was the Xtack team, which made a test code using the Xpring SDK and Ripple XRP to create an incentive platform that allows users to send questions faster and receive answers. In addition, the Mexican crypto exchange Bitso, which collaborates with Ripple, has officially announced the launch of the payment corridor between Mexico and Argentina.

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