Ripple reveals three new partners

Ripple continues to expand its network and has revealed the secret over three more new partnerships. The company added three more South Korean cross-border payment companies to its asset.

ripple xrp 8 - Ripple reveals three new partners

Ripple said its first partner is Sentbe, an online money transfer startup focused on providing quick, easy and convenient money transfer services to its customers.

Sentbe noted that final beneficiaries can receive funds within one day. This became possible only thanks to the partnership. Fintech startup is mainly focused on the markets of the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

Ripple also collaborates with Hanpass, a money transfer service in Seoul. The company allows customers to send money using smartphones. This Fintech startup promises 24-hour transaction support and competitive commissions. Hanpass focuses on the corridor of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Ripple is also partnering with WireBarley, a money transfer company. WireBarley specializes in the Asia-Pacific corridor. Fintech startup claims that ultimate beneficiaries can receive their funds within a few hours. At the same time, savings on commissions are up to 80% when transferring funds.

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