Ripple shows huge success: Blockchain Education Alliance, court victory and XRP community against Peter McCormack

Ripple has shown tremendous success in terms of development in the field of financial technology. Ripple company makes updates to its projects quite thoughtfully and accurately. Proof of this was, in particular, and the material of Ripple technical director David Schwartz on changes to the XRP Ledger. Ripple’s strategies are very reliable, which many experts have repeatedly talked about. Further promotion of Ripple depends on various factors and events. Thus, the investment department of Ripple Xpring joined the Blockchain Education Alliance, Ripple won the patent court, and the XRP community opposed the critic Peter McCormack.

ripple 15 - Ripple shows huge success: Blockchain Education Alliance, court victory and XRP community against Peter McCormack

Ripple shows huge success: Blockchain Education Alliance

The Ripple Xpring Investment Division has joined the Blockchain Education Alliance. This initiative aims to provide university students with the necessary knowledge for a career in the blockchain sector. The Blockchain Education Alliance was created in October last year. This project intends to support a network of industry leaders and academics to jointly develop educational initiatives that accelerate the massive introduction of blockchain. Now Ripple Xpring has joined this initiative.

The work in the Blockchain Education Alliance also includes conducting hackathons, which Ripple Xpring is likely to participate in. The Ripple Xpring Investment Department has previously sponsored a number of hackathons at various universities. It’s also worth noting that Ripple Xpring’s participation in the Blockchain Education Alliance is in line with Ripple’s educational efforts. This is consistent with the previously launched university initiative Ripple UBRI, which supports educational institutions around the world with financial resources, knowledge and staff to educate their students in the field of blockchain technology.

Victory in court

Ripple won the patent court. Cooperative Entertainment Inc. previously filed a patent infringement claim, and now the case has been dismissed. Cooperative Entertainment Inc. She herself filed a waiver of the claim. The case now cannot be returned to court. The reason for this is not known, but it is likely that Ripple and Cooperative Entertainment Inc. reached a peace agreement. Thus, Ripple won in this lawsuit, which once again proved the honesty of the company.

The XRP Community vs. Peter McCormack

The Ripple XRP community has opposed the leading What Bitcoin Did podcast, Peter McCormack. This activist criticized many leading digital assets for “lack of evidence of use.” Peter McCormack said that supposedly only Bitcoin helps “in a few niche” cases, while the rest of the cryptocurrencies are useless. The Ripple XRP community has actively opposed such an unfair statement, citing, in particular, examples in which Ripple XRP is used for international transfers or for corporate transactions.

The recent collaboration of Ripple with MoneyGram was also mentioned. Ashish Birla, senior vice president of products and corporate development at Ripple, joined in, pointing out the role and place of XRP in transactions between the US dollar and the Mexican peso. Thus, we can say that another attempt to rise on the hype of criticism of the Ripple XRP failed.

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