Ripple thinks about success: Sologenic program and statement by the Ambassador of Singapore

Ripple thinks about success, trying to achieve even greater heights than it is. Ripple is a significant financial technology company. Ripple projects are important enough for the financial transfer industry. Thanks to Ripple technology, you can transfer money faster, more reliable and cheaper than using traditional systems. Such Ripple ideas are extremely effective, as many experts have noted. Further leadership of Ripple depends on many events. So, Sologenic introduced a new program, and Ripple published a statement by the Ambassador of Singapore.

XRP RIPPLE - Ripple thinks about success: Sologenic program and statement by the Ambassador of Singapore

Ripple thinks about success: Sologenic program

The Sologenic blockchain platform has launched a new program that will allow it to play a more important role in the growth of the Ripple XRP Ledger. According to a statement, the Ripple XRP Ledger-based platform launches a reward program for 10 qualified developers or organizations. This will be paid by the SOLO Community Fund (SCF). The exact amount of rewards from the platform on the Ripple XRP Ledger is not currently known.

Statement by the Ambassador of Singapore

Ripple published a statement by Singapore Ambassador Chen Heng Chi, who is actively involved in mitigating the effects of escalating tensions between the US and China on both her home country and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. (ASEAN). A statement was made during the Ripple Swell 2019 conference. The ambassador, as Ripple notes, then suggested a look at the state of these political relations, as well as how they might develop in the future and what this means for innovations such as blockchain.

According to her, it’s hard for one big superpower to understand another. Fundamental cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and misperceptions of the ambitions and intentions of each country, which fuels a repeating cycle of hostility, and this can have enormous consequences for the outside world. Recently, these cycles have continued to accelerate, launching a policy of what the ambassador, according to Ripple, called technological deterrence. The most visible implementation of this policy has been the blacklisting of the United States and pressure on partner countries to do the same.

Such an approach threatens to trap many other Chinese and Asian companies, potentially excluding them from American partners and capital markets. This is also one of the factors in China’s experiments with blockchain as a possible way to circumvent the US dollar as a reserve currency. This will not be a real decentralized currency, because China will want to maintain some degree of control and avoid anonymity, but it will be functional in the sense that it can allow direct settlements between countries for trade or transactions without having to rely on the dollar.

However, as stated in the Ripple material, the ambassador noted that the US Treasury secretly worked to clarify the situation and relieve some pressure in order to avoid completely undermining the US industry and the stock market. Chen Heng Chi emphasized that a new Cold War is unlikely, this is the most extreme scenario.

The fact is that global realities make it difficult to build the fractions necessary for such a confrontation. Ripple notes that the ambassador of Singapore hopes that US-China relations will turn into a third, more ideal scenario of competitive coexistence, which will allow the two giant systems to live with each other, despite their inherent differences.

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