Ripple will continue to grow and solve real problems: Brad Garlinghouse Interview

Ripple will continue to grow and solve real problems, according to company CEO Brad Garlinghouse. The company Ripple constantly shows good results and the ability to develop further. Ripple demonstrates the effectiveness of its strategies and incredible power. Ripple technologies are very popular around the world. Many figures emphasize their great importance for commerce. Now Ripple’s desire to grow further and continue to solve real problems has been confirmed by the head of the company, Brad Garlinghouse, giving an interview on CNN.

Bred Garlinghaus 1 - Ripple will continue to grow and solve real problems: Brad Garlinghouse Interview

Ripple will continue to grow and solve real problems: Details of Brad Garlinghouse’s interview

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse gave a new interview on CNN, saying that the company will continue to grow and solve real problems. The head of Ripple, in particular, believes that the XRP digital asset is currently performing quite well, and short-term changes in value are not so important. The head of Ripple considers the company and its projects from a much more long-term point of view. Brad Garlinghouse emphasized that the Ripple ecosystem will continue to grow and solve real problems for real customers through projects such as, for example, Coil, for micropayments.

The CEO of Ripple said that he does not consider Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto projects to be competitive in this regard, and that the overall growth of space is useful for everyone. Ripple grew and added 150 employees, with declines in the cryptocurrency market, while in many other projects there were massive layoffs. According to the head of Ripple, this was precisely because other projects were less focused on solving real problems. Brad Garlinghouse also mentioned the upcoming Ripple IPO, although he did not give exact dates.

Ripple also plans to work with regulators for greater clarity. Ripple CEO stressed that he would like the United States to become a leader in the crypto and blockchain industry, but this will not happen without regulatory clarity. As for the IPO, holding it would allow Ripple to show great flexibility in conducting some major transactions, such as investing in Moneygram or the Mexican exchange Bitso. He also suggested that the digital currency of the Central Bank of China (CBDC) is generally useful for cryptography. Ripple’s CEO noted that governments and central banks should consider encryption and blockchain technology. Brad Garlinghouse also compared Ripple with Amazon in terms of tremendous growth and development, emphasizing that Ripple has similar potential.

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