Ripple will give modernization: the likelihood of cooperation with Wells Fargo

Ripple will modernize many modern companies thanks to its technology. Ripple really helps improve the performance of international transfers. Ripple projects provide reliability and true success. Therefore, various organizations and experts are thinking about expanding the Ripple network. Thus, analysts from the Bitcoinist publication believe that Wells Fargo should begin to cooperate with Ripple.

xpiwcros - Ripple will give modernization: the likelihood of cooperation with Wells Fargo

Ripple will give an upgrade: Details

Ripple can greatly help the American bank Wells Fargo, according to analysts at Bitcoinist. Experts note that Wells Fargo customers are not satisfied with the old technologies and systems of the bank and require modernization. Therefore, it is time to turn to the blockchain, including, for example, DLT from Ripple. Moreover, as Bitcoinist analysts note, the history of Wells Fargo is quite revealing. In the nineties, the bank was a trendsetter in the United States, becoming the first to offer online banking. However, at present the situation at the financial institution is completely different.

Many former and current employees emphasize that Wells Fargo does not meet customer expectations for innovation. The Wall Street Journal recently reported outdated bank systems. There are expansion of technical offers, including, for example, contactless debit cards, but Wells Fargo has a huge number of problems with technical operations. It is Ripple that can solve them. The main thing is that the top management of the bank think about this. Wells Fargo has a lot of technical problems. For example, these are software vulnerabilities, cybersecurity and risk management issues.

Ripple’s technology can really help with this. The American bank Wells Fargo is actually on the verge of a technical crisis, given the huge number of scandals due to failures. Even with the remuneration of workers there are certain problems. Last October, with all this in mind, the new CEO Charles Scharf indicated that the bank should be a technology company. The organization urgently needs to be updated so that nothing else breaks down. For such large banks, billions, as well as tens of thousands of new employees, are needed for updates. The fastest and cheapest in this case may be the use of DLT technology from Ripple.

Ripple’s DLT will help ensure data security, as well as prevent system shutdowns, make processes more transparent and speed them up. Therefore, it is likely that Wells Fargo will work with Ripple. Ripple has already performed well in collaboration with major banks such as MUFG Bank, Standard Chartered, Banco Santander, SBI and American Express. According to Bitcoinist analysts, Wells Fargo may join Ripple’s partners to upgrade its system. So far, no information is available on likely partnership arrangements. However, the likelihood of Wells Fargo’s connection with Ripple is very significant.

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