Ripple Xpring Sponsored SLOHacks Hackathon

Ripple Xpring sponsored a California cybersecurity institute hackathon this weekend.

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Ripple Xpring Sponsored SLOHacks Hackathon: Details

This weekend, Ripple Xpring sponsored the SLOHacks hackathon, where 275 developers gathered at the California Institute of Cybersecurity to present projects in three different areas: financial technology, games, and cybersecurity. Five teams submitted a project to the “Best Use of Ripple Xpring” contest, dedicated to the creative use of XRP and Interledger (ILP).

The Remit team won using the Ripple Xpring SDK for XRP and the Twilio API for SMS. The cost and speed of sending money around the world is also a problem that a member of their team, a foreign student, had to face each time sending money home or receiving it. SMS is the most widely used data transfer application on the planet with more than 4 billion users worldwide, many of which do not have Internet access.

Remit introduced a project to send money worldwide using Ripple XRP via SMS and (hereinafter) ILP. Ripple Xpring also noted the second-place Superconductor team. The Superconductor team has solved an impressive number of technical challenges to create a JavaScript browser extension that allows users to buy products and services on eBay and Amazon using Ripple XRP and ETH.

It was previously known that Coinone Transfer extends payments without borders using Ripple to 12 corridors.

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