Ripple Xpring sponsors ETH Denver

Ripple Xpring sponsored ETH Denver, one of the largest Ethereum hackathons and conferences in the United States. The Ripple Xpring Investment Department actively supports various important projects. The ultimate goal of Ripple Xpring is to create an Internet of values, and many significant events are being held for this. Ripple Xpring also includes support for various hackathons from organizations. Ripple Xpring has now sponsored Ethereum’s ETH Denver Hackathon, explaining the reasons.

ripple news - Ripple Xpring sponsors ETH Denver

Ripple Xpring sponsors ETH Denver: Details

Ripple Xpring sponsored the ETH Denver hackathon, one of the largest from Ethereum in the United States, explaining the reasons on its website. As representatives of Ripple Xpring noted, there were several prerequisites for such actions. First of all, Ripple Xpring is open by default. This means that Ripple Xpring creates open source software, open protocols and standards, and the team likes to work with those who also do this. Almost all Ripple Xpring engineers are working on open source software.

Ripple Xpring actively promotes and supports projects where it is also open source, including C ++ implementations on XRP Ledger, Codius Interledger Java implementations, web monetization, open payments and so on. Since 2015, Ripple Xpring has been a member of the C ++ Standards Committee and a member of the W3C for web payments, so the team likes to contribute to open standards. Ripple Xpring believes that developers should be given a choice of how to solve their problems, which is one of the reasons why Ripple Xpring believes that compatibility is so important for crypto and blockchain technologies to achieve mass adoption.

According to Ripple Xpring, the last point is of some relevance to the Ethereum community, where they recently thought out an inspiring mission to reach 1 million developers around the world. Ripple Xpring believes that in order to reach this level not only for Ethereum, but for all blockchains, it is best to join forces, pool resources and work together, where appropriate. That is why Ripple Xpring sponsored three competitions during the virtual hackathon Sustain Web 3 on Gitcoin, which led to ETH Denver. Each issue has a compatibility theme with a focus on building bridges between the XRP (XRP) register and Ethereum (ETH) through the Interledger Protocol (ILP).

Ripple Xpring believes that such a bridge is important because XRP is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies in the world, but does not have a computational level to support complex smart contracts for the growing decentralized financing market. The problem has not yet been fully resolved, so Ripple Xpring encouraged developers to study the issue and contribute.

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