Ripple Xpring sponsors HackSC

Ripple Xpring sponsored HackSC, a hackathon to tackle social justice issues. The Ripple Xpring Investment Department often invests in various important events and projects. Ripple Xpring also supports startups and companies with certain experience. The activities of Ripple Xpring are aimed at achieving the Internet of values. As part of this strategy, Ripple Xpring also pays attention to many hackathons. So, recently Ripple Xpring became the sponsor of HackSC, a hackathon for solving problems of social justice, where there were four directions.

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Ripple Xpring sponsors HackSC: Details

Ripple Xpring recently sponsored HackSC, a hackathon to create projects to address social justice issues, where there were four areas. Hundreds of developers participated in the hackathon. HackSC focused on citizenship, sustainability, justice, and mental health. Ripple Xpring awarded prizes to the three best teams that used Xpring tools and services to create creative ways to improve any area of ​​social justice. The Finch team decided to pay attention to citizens’ rights by creating an intelligent agent called Voice Over ILP (VOILP) called Atticus.

Atticus allows immigrants to call during detention and receive free legal support, and it works on the basis of Ripple Interledger (ILP) and XRP Ledger. Representatives of Ripple Xpring were struck by the vision, creativity, presentation and overall performance of the Finch team, who used both Ripple Interledger (ILP) and XRP Ledger. The Decentralizedpeertopeerpaymentsystem team has worked to solve mental health problems by creating the Venmo-like platform on the Ripple XRP Ledger so that people in Central America reward each other for being good people.

Ripple Xpring was impressed by the team’s use of incentives to improve mental health in Central America. The Objective Koala team has taken on sustainable development by creating a simple, fun, browser-based 8-bit video game where you need to catch koalas and XRP can be sacrificed to help save the koalas from fires in Australia. Representatives of Ripple Xpring were impressed by the ability of the Objective Koala team to use JavaScript skills and love for koalas to do something pleasant and useful for the planet.

Ripple Xpring has conducted several workshops to help developers learn how to best use Xpring to easily insert payments into their products. Elliot Lee, Lead Xpring API Engineer, introduced a demo and overview of Xpring tools and services. Ripple Xpring said it plans to sponsor, host and attend many more hackathons in 2020.

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