Ripple XRP added to CCryptoEx listing

The Singapore Exchange has officially announced the addition of the Ripple XRP.

ripple  - Ripple XRP added to CCryptoEx listing

Ripple XRP Added to CCryptoEx Listing: Details

CCryptoEx, a centralized exchange based in Singapore, has announced the addition of Ripple XRP to its trading platform. According to the report, Ripple XRP will make a trading pair with BTC and USDC. CCryptoEx was founded a few months ago, in October 2019. The total trading volume of the exchange at the time of this writing was just over $ 12 million. The reasons for adding Ripple XRP to the listing are currently not specified.

It was previously known that Ripple CTO David Schwartz spoke about the new changes to the XRP Ledger. There was also information that partner Ripple SBI Remit announces the start of cooperation with the largest Japanese bank. In addition, Ripple partner Ria Money Transfer opens its first outlet in Singapore.

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