Ripple XRP and gold have one thing in common – the “third way”

Criticizing gold or Ripple XRP is a manifestation of a certain “third way” said trade guru Peter Brandt.

Ripple gold - Ripple XRP and gold have one thing in common - the “third way”

At first glance it seems that the Ripple XRP with gold can hardly be compared. However, veteran trader Peter Brandt discovered one thing that links the XRP Standard to precious metal.

In his recent tweet, he emphasized that the constant comparison of Ripple XRP with gold, as well as the search for similarities and the publication of negative comments in general – this is the so-called “third way”.

Oxy community

Anyone who puts their fingers on a crypto twitter with a dose of skepticism about XRP should be prepared to face the XRP army. And there are also aggressive members in this army. This is exactly what happened to UFC superstar Ben Askren. Which ended up in a pool full of piranhas when he claimed that a third cryptocurrency could be a scam.

Brandt himself is constantly attacked by members of the XRP community. To do this, it is enough for him to make a post with a bearish schedule. Recently, even he himself had to criticize the XRP Army for their “rudeness” and “incontinence.”

What about gold fans?

Meanwhile, the so-called “golden bugs” (gold fans) are generally more seasoned than crypto fans. Some of them also cause some hype on Twitter. Case in point: Euro Pacific CEO Peter Schiff. Which never misses an opportunity to chat with members of the cryptocurrency community.

Meanwhile, both “golden bugs” and cryptocurrency supporters, as a rule, react negatively to positive trends in the field of securities and stocks. In their view, they are all in a bubble inflated by the Federal Reserve.

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