Ripple XRP Continues to Boost: IPO Utility, Updates on Binance and Refundo

Ripple XRP continues to increase momentum, becoming an increasingly popular digital asset. Cryptocurrency Ripple XRP has a lot of chances to achieve leadership. Many experts emphasize the reliability and profitability of Ripple XRP for the global community. Further promotion of Ripple XRP depends on a number of significant facts. Thus, an analyst at Steven Bull From the Diep deduced the usefulness of the Ripple IPO for XRP, Binance added the ability to buy XRP for Norwegian kroner and Croatian kunas, and Refundo made a tax refund function in XRP.

ripple 14 - Ripple XRP Continues to Boost: IPO Utility, Updates on Binance and Refundo

Ripple XRP Continues to Boost: IPO Utility

The Ripple IPO is useful for XRP, according to analyst at Steven Bull From the Diep. The expert said that an IPO will help increase the cost of the Ripple XRP. He believes that this will give Ripple more money to expand the network, hire the best talents and solve real problems that only XRP can handle.

Binance Updates

Ripple XRP can now be bought through a Visa card at Binance for Norwegian kroner (NOK) and Croatian kunas (HRK). To gain access to buying Ripple XRP in this way, users must go to Binance on the cryptocurrency purchase tab, select the amount in Norwegian kroner or Croatian kuna, click “Next”, and then “Add card” to link their Visa card. After adding a Visa card, users will be able to directly buy Ripple XRP tokens in the specified manner on Binance.

Refundo added tax refund feature in XRP

Tax provider Refundo added state tax refund or federal tax to Ripple XRP. This can be done in the CoinRT project. In order to make tax refunds to Ripple XRP through CoinRT, you must first create a unique account and prepare tax returns, so that you can later send them to the IRS.

After receiving tax returns from the agency, CoinRT converts them to Ripple XRP and sends tokens directly to the wallet specified by the user. Refundo CEO notes that the process is quite simple, and this helps customers using the Ripple XRP digital asset, too, to receive tax refunds without hindrance.

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