Ripple XRP outperforms Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020

Ripple XRP outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in performance in 2020, according to a survey. The Ripple XRP digital asset is currently quite popular. At the same time, experts often compare Ripple XRP with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and this comparison is not in favor of the latter. Ripple XRP has many advantages over other digital assets. So, Ripple XRP outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in efficiency in 2020 according to a survey conducted by the leading DYOR podcast Tom.

xrp ripple - Ripple XRP outperforms Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020

Ripple XRP outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020 for efficiency: Details

Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of effectiveness in 2020, following a survey on a social network conducted by DYOR’s lead podcast Tom. The purpose of the survey was to find out which digital asset the crypto community considers the best in 2020. Actively used in money transfers, Ripple XRP significantly outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in percentage terms. Ripple XRP scored 42.2 percent.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, on the other hand, have 23.3 and 10.3 percent, respectively. The rest of the votes were cast to other cryptocurrencies, and in the end they also bypassed Bitcoin. This proves, first of all, the lack of confidence in Bitcoin, previously a former leading digital asset. Also, this survey is a clear evidence of the success of Ripple XRP, which received the most votes in general and overtook other cryptocurrencies in the last paragraph. Web users are more likely to trust Ripple XRP, given its transaction speed and scalability.

Despite some skepticism and allegations that the allegedly Ripple XRP is a security, full evidence of such criticism has not been given. Ripple XRP is listed on various crypto exchanges, and is also added to certain platforms, including as a means of payment. Ripple XRP is also an integral part of the Ripple money transfer process, used when converting from one national currency to another. Bitcoin, for example, could not be used in this case, given the more dramatic changes in value, as goLance CEO Michael Brooks previously noted.

When using Bitcoin, additional steps would be necessary in the process of transferring funds, which, in fact, is not convenient. People now need to quickly transfer money. This is especially important, in particular, for labor migrants, whose well-being of their families depends on their transfer. Therefore, traditional systems are losing here. On the other hand, Ripple XRP together with ODL gives real success and effect, being a digital asset that is extremely useful.

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