Ripple XRP Reaches New Goal: 140 percent Growth and Other Forecasts

Ripple XRP will achieve a new goal in terms of value. Experts are increasingly highlighting the positive features of the Ripple XRP, emphasizing the likelihood of a price increase in this regard. Ripple XRP is also affected by important events such as updates to Binance. Now there are new predictions regarding the cost of the Ripple XRP. So, DonAlt predicts Ripple XRP growth by 140 percent, Bitlord believes that XRP can reach $ 224, Big Cheds estimated the growth of cryptocurrency in general, and HaraldoXRP called the forecast for the near future.

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Ripple XRP Reaches New Goal: 140 Percent Growth

Ripple XRP will increase by 140 percent, according to trader and crypto expert DonAlt. The specialist made such a statement regarding Ripple XRP, starting from what was an XRP price chart. The analyst has long been watching this possible growth, believing that Ripple XRP tokens need to be bought. According to the expert, Ripple XRP will soon reach its goal, and all skeptics will be silenced.

Bitlord Forecast

Bitlord crypto analyst presented a chart showing that Ripple XRP could reach $ 224. This means a 100,000% increase in Ripple XRP. The assumption does not seem fully substantiated. Also, no terms or conditions for such a rise of the Ripple XRP are indicated. However, the very likelihood of such an increase in Ripple XRP remains at least in theory, and it is possible that this will someday happen.

Big Cheds Forecast

One of the most well-known and respected digital asset analysts at Big Cheds explained why the Ripple XRP recently rose 12%. According to the expert, the reason for such an increase in the cost of Ripple XRP was the increase in Bollinger Bands.

HaraldoXRP Forecast

Crypto trader HaraldoXRP made a forecast for the Ripple XRP in the short term. According to the expert, Ripple XRP can gradually rise and grow to $ 0.239. This is quite a blink to the current Ripple XRP value level and is reasonably possible. The analyst did not indicate the exact reasons for reaching just such a mark for Ripple XRP, however, he noted that the mark itself is quite important. It was also previously known that the Xago exchange compared Ripple XRP and Bitcoin, concluding that the first is better.

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