Ripple XRP really contributes: Bitso success, new support on Bitpay and addition on BiKi FastLoan

Ripple XRP really contributes to the promotion of projects of various companies with its integration. Thanks to Ripple XRP, financial transfers are simplified. Ripple XRP continues to gain momentum, becoming more and more popular. The Ripple XRP digital asset is currently of great importance. Further promotion of cryptocurrency depends on many events. So, the Mexican exchange Bitso showed significant success thanks to XRP, gift cards with XRP are now supported on Bitpay, and Ripple XRP was added to BiKi FastLoan.

ripple - Ripple XRP really contributes: Bitso success, new support on Bitpay and addition on BiKi FastLoan

Ripple XRP Really Fosters: Bitso’s Success

Ripple XRP has contributed to the success of the Mexican exchange Bitso. Thanks to Ripple XRP, Bitso managed to cover a significant part of the money transfer market between the United States and Mexico in 2019. In 2020, even greater success is expected from communication with the Ripple XRP. In 2019, the Mexican crypto exchange Bitso processed 2.34% of the $ 686 million weekly remittances from foreign countries to Mexico using Ripple XRP. The platform also emphasized that, thanks to a partnership with Ripple, there was very significant growth. It is money transfers, which are becoming very popular now, that helped the Mexican exchange, and they are based on ODL, where Ripple XRP is used.

New Bitpay Support

Bitpay Launches New Ripple XRP Support. Bitpay users can now purchase gift cards with Ripple XRP. Such gift cards are supported, for example, on Amazon, Burger King, GameStop and a number of other services. This means even more functionality for Ripple XRP proponents. According to Sean Rollan, product director for Bitpay, platform customers can use Ripple XRP as one very fast, economical, and scalable payment method.

Addition on BiKi FastLoan

Ripple XRP added to the BiKi FastLoan service. FastLoan is a service of the Singapore BiKi exchange where users can provide their digital assets as collateral for receiving short-term funds in USDT and other assets without the need to sell their assets. Thus, this is another significant and interesting functionality for Ripple XRP. The reason for adding Ripple XRP to BiKi FastLoan is not indicated. It was also previously known that Banco Topazio could collaborate with Ripple.

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