Ripple XRP will continue to grow in price: Weiss Ratings and Crypto Bitlord

Ripple XRP will continue to grow in price, despite some fluctuations before that. Some analysts predicted the fall of Ripple XRP, but their doubts did not materialize. The digital asset of Ripple XRP continues to gain momentum. Ripple XRP contributed to the price increase, including the update on Binance, where they created a futures trading pair. Then the Ripple XRP climbed 10 percent. Weiss Ratings and analyst Crypto Bitlord are now predicting even greater Ripple XRP growth.

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Ripple XRP will continue to rise in price: Weiss Ratings

Ripple XRP will continue to grow in price, according to financial and analytical agency Weiss Ratings. Weiss Ratings pointed to a likely rise in Ripple XRP on Twitter, noting that a special leap could happen after Ripple sells most of XRP. It is worth noting that the sale of 1 billion Ripple XRP, indicating the release of tokens from escrow, occurs every month.

Investors believe that the Ripple XRP will increase gradually. Especially the belief in the price increase of Ripple XRP increased after the head of Ripple noted that the company does not have any negative impact on the sale of the digital asset. The exact growth rate of Ripple XRP is not indicated. However, the chances that Ripple XRP will make a real breakthrough in cost in 2020 are currently extremely high.

Crypto Bitlord Analysis

Ripple XRP may rise in terms of cost and according to analyst Crypto Bitlord. A well-known Ripple XRP supporter and a popular crypto expert commented on the XRP price increase. According to Crypto Bitlord, this can only be called the beginning. In the future, despite some fluctuations, the cost of the Ripple XRP will continue to rise. The exact limits of the growth of Ripple XRP analyst Crypto Bitlord did not indicate, nor did he give any deadlines.

Other news

It was previously known that Ripple XRP replaced Bitcoin, becoming the token, after the price increase of which the price of other digital assets began to rise. Ripple XRP’s growth of 10 percent has caused a certain rise in other cryptocurrencies. However, the price of Bitcoin did not increase so large. Previously, it was believed that the position of various assets in the crypto market depends on Bitcoin. The situation with the reaction to the rise of the Ripple XRP showed that now the situation has changed.

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