Ripple XRP will reach $ 1 until the end of January

Ripple XRP will reach $ 1 by the end of January, experts say. The digital asset of Ripple XRP has shown certain fluctuations for a considerable time. However, now crypto traders believe that Ripple XRP can improve its position. In particular, Savoid analysts with Trading View and CryptoBull emphasize the increase in the cost of Ripple XRP to $ 1, as well as a generally good pace.

ripplereb - Ripple XRP will reach $ 1 until the end of January

Ripple XRP Reaches $ 1 Until End Of January: Details

Ripple XRP will reach $ 1 by the end of January, according to Savoid analysts with Trading View and CryptoBull. Experts believe that the Ripple XRP will be able to gradually rise to the heights that took place in 2017, reaching a historic maximum. Gradually, as analysts emphasize, the trend for Ripple XRP is changing, and the cost increase may even be gigantic.

Savoid expert from Trading View also predicted that if everything goes as expected, then the Ripple XRP is above $ 8 by March and $ 80 by November 2020. CryptoBull made an assumption about the growth of Ripple XRP based on comparisons of the current trend of the digital asset and the 2017 trend, noting that if the story repeats, the cryptocurrency expects an increase. According to his forecast, on January 22, the Ripple XRP can reach $ 0.44, and on January 25 it can already reach $ 1. Also interesting and significant for the rising cost of Ripple XRP can be called a recent survey on the social network Twitter. The CEO of asked a question about what social network users prefer to invest in. As a result, Ripple XRP came in first with 46.2%, TRX and DGB were lower, while others had even less percent of votes.

This shows a high confidence in the Ripple XRP, which is a very positive point. Trust can gradually lead to the addition of Ripple XRP to various platforms, given that some organizations integrate digital assets for various functions, including due to their high popularity. Previously, it was also known about the likelihood of Ripple’s partnership with one of the largest US banks, Wells Fargo.

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