Tron CEO Justin Sun says he owns a lot of XRP

According to DailyHodl, in a new interview with CNN, the founder of Tron, a billion-dollar decentralized blockchain platform, said it owns a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

ripples xrp - Tron CEO Justin Sun says he owns a lot of XRP

“In fact, I am a true adherent of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I transferred all my assets to cryptocurrencies back in 2013. I will withdraw to fiat only if I have some expenses … I have a lot of XRP and Ethereum. I have been a fan of cryptocurrencies for a long time, and I want all crypto assets to be successful. That’s why I have so many different cryptocurrencies. ”

Justin Sun also expressed his opinion on the Bitcoin exchange rate (BTC) in the long run.
“I am absolutely sure that in 2025 Bitcoin will cost 100 thousand dollars. Perhaps we will even reach this value a little earlier than 2025. I also believe that many other cryptocurrency projects, such as Tron, Ethereum, and XRP, all together will soon hit the bull market. ”

Sun claims that the Tron blockchain is an alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems and offers users the benefits of privacy.

“We are just builders of a system in a decentralized ecosystem. We do not control user data. All privacy is retained by the users themselves. ”

Founder Tron finally met with legendary investor Warren Buffett in early February. Last year, Sun won lunch with Buffett after bidding on Buffett’s annual charity auction. Sun noted that Buffett accepted the crypto gift presented to him in BTC and TRX. But at the same time, he did not give him ETH.

“Essentially, Warren Buffett is now a Bitcoin holder.”

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